10 Reasons to be part of the 50 day club

10. Good Food, Good Times, Good Friends
9. Free Wifi
8. Wednesday Team Games
7. 50 Day Club Cords at Graduation
6. Tons of Goodies and Giveaways
5. 15% Discount (Food Only, Sorry.)
4. Private Parties & Dinners.
3. Quality Time with The Backstretch Family.
2. BEER!
1. C’mon, You know you’re gonna be here anyway!


  • You must come in everyday for the next 50 days except for Sundays, the day of rest.
  • If you are out of town for an athletic event, etc. you may get prior approval to skip a day. However, you must make up that # of drinks/time within 3 days of returning. Requests must be emailed to thebackstretch@gmail.com within 48 hours of the day you plan to miss. You will receive a confirmation email back accepting or denying your excuse. You are allotted 3 total “miss” days.
  • You must partake in either TWO beverages or ONE Food Item per daily visit. However, we do not promote irresponsible drinking; therefore, non-alcoholic (juice, pop, coffee, water) beverages count as well.
  • Since the greater purpose of 50 Day Club is to be a family, you must spend a minimum of 30 minutes with us per visit.
  • Finally, it is your responsibility to make sure you sign in AND out with your personal identification code. You will need to show your 50 Day Club card and state ID each day!
  • In the case of a discrepancy, Joanne’s has final say.