Today is National Get To Know Your Customer Day which is observed annually each quarter each year in January, April, July, and October.  To celebrate the day, we would like to spotlight one of our favorite customer: Carole Gray

Carole Gray has been coming to The Backstretch for a very long time. You might even catch her sitting at the first seat at the bar drinking CC-12 chilled and sometimes on occasion a margarita. Carole was a customer long before the kitchen was put in, with fond memories of spending Friday afternoons here with her dad and her brothers.

A lifelong friend turned new found kitchen supporter, Carole has shared many recipes and fed the staff of this establishment over time. She’s even been featured on the menu before with her “Carole Dog.” Some of her favorite menu items include:Brussel Sprout Toasts, Cheesy Chive Rolls, any of the vegetarian tacos, Meatloaf, and the French Onion Melt. Carole believes the addition of the kitchen improved upon what was already a family business, welcoming more children, sharing time with a multitude of people, and enjoying excellent food.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet her already, you will at some point while visiting for dinner or a drink. In her own words, “They all know me too well.” The Backstretch is a family that has watched each others children grow up and said goodbye to the ones we loved.

With Carole, there has been good food, good friends, lots of love, and sometimes tears. She claims we know where she keeps her better side, but with Carole, we are better.